The Middle Way Meditation Retreat
at Halemalu



Meditation will lead you to access the natural core of strength that lies at the center of your being.  It permits a connection to your inner source, allowing the release of the things and roles you are caught up in; work, parenting, concerns, and any other duties and responsibilities.  Happiness, health and success are all locked within, anxiously awaiting release.  Trying to find happiness outside ourselves, only leads to expectations and frustration.  The more attention given to objects and relationships as the source of happiness, the more we are frustrated, lose control and experience anger and injury to our mind.  Your emotions affect your health, and stress exacts a terrible toll on your body.  Meditation results in improvements in your overall well being.  It will help each individual find peace and wisdom from within.  The practice of meditation and mindfulness will support the individual in taking those qualities into the world.  Learn to meditate now and take control of your life by reducing stress, anger and frustration.  Discover true happiness today.

At the Halemalu Retreat Center, you will learn The Middle Way Meditation Technique.  It is based on the original meditation technique of the Buddha, thus it is one of the most ancient techniques of meditation in the world.  Its simplicity, originality and effectiveness have made The Middle Way Meditation method among the most popular meditation techniques practiced.  It is about self-discovery, relaxation and purification of the mind.  

Unlike some meditation retreats that teach some concocted form of meditation created  by some ex-hippie who now calls himself a guru, the Middle Way meditation retreat is led by real Buddhist Monks that will teach a form of meditation actualy used by the Buddha and which is now practiced by tens of thousand of Monks and millions of people all over the world.  Middle Way Meditation is the only technique in the world that teaches about the center of the body as the natural home of the human mind and an unlimited source of joy.  It is a technique especially suited to individuals of our modern society as it is very simple, conservative in nature, and does not call for any unusual physical postures, strange incantations, or other unusual behavior. As such, the practice of this technique is not in conflict with any religion or creed, and is open to anyone to try for themselves.

The uniqueness of the Middle Way Meditation is that it is the only meditation technique in the world that teaches about the center of the body as the natural home of the human mind as well as the inner gateway to enlightenment.  The closer your mind is to its natural home, the closer or deeper you are in the natural state of the mind--Happiness.  This kind of happiness is self-sustainable and independent of personal circumstances and external factors.

Many have found that regular practice of this meditation method helped them overcome physical ailments and emotional illnesses.  Others have expressed satisfaction at increased self-esteem, better work performance, and improved relationships with colleagues and family members.

The Middle Way Meditation also has moral impact on the mind.  It cleanses the mind so that regular meditators become gentler, kinder, and feel increasingly uncomfortable to harm anyone either by speech or action.  Their bad habits will decline in degree or are even dropped altogether while their good habits grow in intensity.  Anyone who wishes to quit any unpleasant habit or acquire a new good habit for their personal development or career progress should try The Middle Way Meditation.

Practitioners of the Middle Way Meditation also believe that world peace starts from the inner peace found within every single person.  Inner peace comes through meditation practice, to keep your mind calm and still inside your body.  When you are peaceful from within, the peacefulness will spread out from you to people around you and from them to people around them.  It is like ripples upon ripples, from one person, you, to your family, to the community, to the country and to the world.

The Middle Way Meditation Retreat is suitable for all levels, from the absolute beginner, to the practitioner who has been meditating for many years.  Whether you are happy or sad, looking for the real meaning of life, or wishing to discover more about yourself, joining us at The Middle Way Meditation Retreat at Halemalu may lead you to the answers you have been searching for.

Please continue on to the Retreat Page to learn all about the Middle Way Meditation Retreat at Halemalu.

Please continue on to the Retreat Page to learn all about the Middle Way Meditation Retreat at Halemalu.

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