The Middle Way Meditation Retreat
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Welcome to the Middle Way Meditation Retreat at Halemalu, a sanctuary for meditators located on the beautiful Kona coast on the Big Island of Hawaii. At the Middle Way Meditation Retreat Center at Halemalu, you will find and learn one of the world’s simplest and most effective methods of meditation and live in a beautiful, comfortable environment. You will also receive personal guidance on meditation that best fits your unique character from experienced teaching monks.

We name our meditation retreat after an ancient concept in meditation, the Middle Way, which Lord Buddha referred to as the path that leads to enlightenment. In terms of meditation, it means taking the middle path or the center of the body to reach a desired destination or goal -- whether it is a serendipitous solution to a problem, a creative insight into life and living, or even freedom from emotional suffering.

Middle Way Meditation is practiced on a large scale at the Dhammakaya Temple in Bangkok Thailand.  The Meditation Hall covers over 40 acres under one roof and can accommodate over 300,000.  The Meditation Stadium is one kilometer square and can hold over a million people.  Daily meditation sessions can number into the tens of thousands with special occasions numbering over a million people.   The Middle Way Meditation sessions at the Dhammakaya Temple are led by highly experienced Monks that have gone through a lifetime of meditation training and practice.


Our meditation retreats here at Halemalu are quite a bit smaller in scale but are taught by the same Monks that participate in the meditation sessions at the Temple in Thailand.  We teach the same techniques that are being practiced by millions of people all over the world.  Our retreats are open to people of all ages, races, religions and nationalities to develop the power of their minds, and to find peace within themselves. Retreats are led by experienced Buddhist monks
, including Thai and Western Monks, in fluent English, and in a way that is universal, modern and practical. We have seen that anyone can meditate, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, etc., if they give themselves the opportunity to really learn and practice it.


The aim of this retreat is to offer an opportunity for those who have not practiced meditation before and to learn techniques that are simple and easy to practice. This retreat is open to all those who are interested in learning about basic Buddhist meditation techniques and practice. The course is designed for those who have not attended any of our previous retreats before and those whose understanding is just at the beginning and ‘curious’ stage. The retreat offers structured periods of meditation throughout the day with the Venerable Monks giving instruction on Meditation for Beginners and basic Buddhist principles for self-development. There is also time scheduled in for exercise, stretching before class and personal time.

The serenity and natural beauty of the surroundings here in Hawaii make the Middle Way Meditation Retreat at Halemalu an ideal place for meditation.  It is conducive for listening to your inner voice that might have been silenced by hectic lifestyles, busy schedules and multiple responsibilities. So, why not give yourself a treat and discover the simple joy, relaxation and life-changing benefits that Middle Way Meditation can bring to you?

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Please continue on to the 
Meditation Page to learn about Meditation at the Middle Way Meditation Retreat at Halemalu. 


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